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I understand every detail and maximum efficiency matters when building your business. 

I offer services with several years of experiences, innovative solutions, open mind and expert guidances for important marketing decisions. 

Thanks to great suppliers, I also provide printing and advertising production on request - for affordable prices.

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Attractive design, easy manage, optimizations for many screens and search engine visibility bring higher (even international) conversions. I create web presentations, blogs, e-shops. The CMS system and training in administration are a matter of course.

Graphic services

Presenting a couple of information and messages in an accessible and aesthetic way is a problem that good design can solves. I create graphic designs, animations, VFX, wrapping, preparation for printing and 3D visualizations. Everything is covered by original graphics software and licensed resources.


Každá reklama by mala mať vhodné umiestnenie a byť dobre viditeľná pre vašich zákazníkov. Pre mojich klientov zabezpečujem aj realizáciu produktov a reklamných billboardov, prospektov, brožúr, reklamných predmetov a rôznych iných materiálov za výhodné ceny.


Effective creative solutions not only for your business. You communicate directly with designer. Your requirements are immediately in the right place. Freelancer with enough time for you.

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"New graphics, simplified communication, the opportunity to present your pictures, now also videos of your trophy fish, and of course there is also a GUEST BOOK."
Aloha - English school
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“Big thanks to the skillful designer for redesigning and customizing my website, for his willing approach, flexible and fast work. I believe in ours long-term cooperation in improving my website and in creating other ads, videos, flyers, etc. His work surpassed my expectations.”
Gardentop s.r.o.
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Chcem sa oficiálne poďakovať za skvele odvedenú prácu na našom novom projekte. Pre našu firmu nám pán Jenei dokázal vytvoriť stránku, s ktorou sme sa hneď pri prvom grafickom návrhu dokázali stotožniť. Taktiež bol veľmi ochotný pri dodatočných úpravách a navrhol nám veľa skvelých a zaujímavých možností ako stránku vylepšiť a doladiť tak, aby aj v dnešnej dobe spĺňala všetky kritériá.
R&M Servis s.r.o.
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“I’m totally satisfied with the choice. The professional approach and creation of the entire Brand identity of our company took place to maximum satisfaction. The friendliness and flexibility were at a decent level and met our expectations. I’m looking forward to future cooperation and use of his services that correspond to current trends.”
Tuxx servis
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“After many years, a complete redesign of my website. Incredible cooperation. When you work with professionals, business is running two times better.
Big thank you Filip Jenei.”
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